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5 Great Lingerie Blogs

5 Great Lingerie Blogs

This week is all about lingerie bloggers! Whether funny, sassy, honest, or practical, all of these blogs share a love of lingerie and are a great resource for tips, news, and reviews. Here are a few of our favourite blogs out there:

The Lingerie Addict: This is one of the biggest lingerie blogs around! Founded by Cora Harrington, this blog is all about celebrating lingerie as a beautiful way to express yourself. They’re also advocates of inclusivity, believing that anyone can enjoy lingerie regardless of shape, size, race, gender, age, or sexuality. Check out the site for a huge variety of trend information, reviews, lookbooks, and so much more.

Credit: Nomi Ellenson

The Daily Knicker: This Tumblr-based blog is written by model and writer Tiah Eckhardt, who has a real passion for lingerie! Tiah tries on all kinds of lingerie sets from all kinds of brands and reviews them with honesty and flair. If you’re looking to explore a bit or try something new, this blog is a great source for good reviews and features a wealth of different brands and styles. 

Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust: Written by Georgia Horner, this popular blog is all about her life as a curvy woman. Though not dedicated solely to lingerie, the site features plenty of reviews, blogs, and products aimed at helping curvy women find the perfect lingerie for them! Written with humour, full of practical advice, and dedicated to body positivity, this is the perfect blog to check out if you are plus-sized.

 Petite-Coquette: This blog is all about luxury lingerie. Featuring gorgeous pictures, a huge variety of brands and designers, and information on trends and styles, this is the place to go if your tastes run toward the luxe! Best of all, this blog is a great resource for news on upcoming sales and brand new collections. 

Bratabase: Bra shopping can be a hardship—it’s so hard to find a style that looks good as well as fits properly! This innovative blog is dedicated to helping make the bra-shopping process easier. Featuring a huge database, it compares different styles and brands in order to give shoppers an accurate and honest idea of what each product is like. You can also find great tips on finding bras and how to make sure it fits properly. If you’re shopping for a bra, this is definitely the resource for you.