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Product Care

We recommend dry cleaning for all silk products, however hand-wash in warm water is also recommended and safe for lace and silk fabrics with a special wash.
All lingerie and silk products can be washed with a delicate Eco Wash that was crafted specifically for Less is A’mor to gently care and help retain wonderful properties of the silk and lace fabrics.
Our Eco Wash is formulated and manufactured by Sabé Skincare in Winnipeg, Canada by a chemist and a certified organic skincare formulator. 
It is plant based, vegan and cruelty free. We offer scented and fragrance-free options in two formats (59 and 118mL) that can be purchased at our website
Please do not machine-wash lingerie or silk clothing, it will ruin the fabrics appearance after several washes. A cool iron is good for silk, but we recommend steaming for lingerie, if necessary.