5 Unconventional Fitness Classes in Toronto

It’s important to keep fit and stay healthy, but we all know just how hard it is to exercise regularly. Well, here’s a little tip that might just change how you work out forever: Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Of course you’ll never go to the gym if it feels like absolute torture every time! In order to keep up a fitness routine, it’s imperative that you have fun and enjoy yourself. And the best way to do that? Ditch the boring stuff and try something new. Below are some unique fitness classes offered right here in Toronto, which take exercise and put a new spin on it, making it exciting and appealing. Browse around, see what catches your eye, and get trying! You’ll quickly see how fun working out can be—and your body will thank you for it.

1) Aquamermaid offers swimming classes with a twist—it’s all done with a mermaid tail! Each of their sessions are conducted with participants wearing shimmery long tails, complete with fins and scales—and these tails do make for a good workout. Prepare for your legs, glutes, core muscles, and quads to be put to the test—along with some cardio.


2) Trampolining is exercise too! Skyzone offers Skyfit lessons in their facilities, combining aerobics, cardio, and trampolines to create a unique style of fitness. Each session gives an intensive workout of your core, legs, and arms, all while bouncing around and having fun. As well, check out their other programs for more fun workout classes.


3) We’ve all played with hula hoops as kids—but not many know it can be a form of exercise. Hoopersonic offers their Hoopercise classes, which combine hula hooping and fitness to create a fun, calorie-burning, body-toning workout. Don’t worry if you’re not very familiar with hula hooping—they offer plenty of beginner classes, as well as dance hula hooping and other fun programs.

4) Try your hand at surfing at a Surfset Burn class! This unique workout is done on mechanical surfboards which mimic the feel of real surfing, just without the water. This is a full body workout, developing strength, endurance, and core muscles.


5) Suspension yoga has been a recent popular trend. It’s exactly what it sounds like: yoga done suspended from the ceiling on silk ropes. This method helps support deeper stretches, different positions, and works on relieving pressure throughout your body. Try a class with The Flying Yogi at their facility.