Spring 2018 Trends

The warmth of spring is almost upon us, and with spring comes a new season not just in weather but in fashion as well. From bright palettes to unique textures, Spring 2018 fashion is full of colour, fun, and positivity. Here are a few trends we’ll be seeing this spring:

Even amongst the athleisure and bold prints that are currently in vogue, ultra-femininity is a popular look that is continuing this spring with pastels being a major colour palette. Two colours in particular are the shade of the moment for Spring 2018: Lavender and pink, in all their various shades, have been popping up all over.


Florals continue to be a huge trend but this spring they come with a small twist—they’re bigger and bolder than ever. This season’s florals are splashier, brighter, in saturated colours and eye-catching graphic prints.


And since we’re on the subject of classic prints, polka dots continue to be a big thing. Polka dots will be all over this spring, both in classy black and white monochrome, and in youthful multi-coloured styles. Dot sizes will range from small and subtle to big and bold.


Coasting on the back of Western-inspired fashion that has been all the rage, fringes are a big texture trend this spring and you’ll find them everywhere: jackets, T-shirts, dresses, purses, even earrings. It’s all about fun, whimsical eye-catching fringes. 


This spring will see the revival of dark denim in apparel. Skirts, jackets, jeans, shirts, even full denim-on-denim outfits—dark wash denim is popping up everywhere.


Go for some bold colours this spring with the rainbow trend! Rather than going for a single shade, designers are opting for them all. It’s bright, it’s positive, and it’s not tacky at all. You’ll be seeing rainbow stripes, rainbow lettering, rainbow prints, all making for cute, stylish, and eye-catching clothes.