Less Is A'mor Choice For Top 5 Toronto Boudoir Photography Services

Boudoir photography is a relatively recent trend gaining in popularity. It’s a style of photography of intimate, romantic images, usually set in a bedroom or private setting (hence the term “boudoir”, which is French for women’s bedroom or private room). These are sensual yet classy photoshoots of subjects—think pinups rather than pornography—mainly meant for the enjoyment of both the subject and their romantic partner.

These shots are about celebrating your body, about feeling empowered, sexy, and confident. They can be an amazing, personal gift for your romantic partner, or even as a way to celebrate yourself and make yourself feel good.

A boudoir shoot is meant for private enjoyment. You can wear lingerie, or tastefully cover up nudity—whatever you want. These sessions are about you, and photographers are focused on ensuring their clients feel fully comfortable and happy throughout.

Here are five excellent boudoir photographers, located right here in Toronto. We encourage you to check them out:

Scandaleuse Photography: Open to couples, women, and men, they create intimate, sensual photographs. They work to ensure each session is customized to suit clients, so that their personality is fully expressed. Each shoot is therefore unique. 


Billie Chiasson: A photographer who specializes in a variety of styles, known for her unique and exquisitely creative work. Her shoots are stylish, edgy, and emotive. 

Re.belle.portraits: A photographer who creates gorgeous, sensual portraits capturing intimate moods and showcasing beauty. Though she doesn’t have a website, you can check out her Instagram for samples of her work.

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Kissed By Light: They specialize in photography for women—everything from boudoir, glamour, and lingerie. Their shoots are infused with sophistication and sensuality, embracing the femininity and beauty of their subjects.  


Olive Photography: A wedding and lifestyle photographer, she also does boudoir photography. She’s all about genuine connection with clients, capturing emotions and moments in a warm, authentic style. She is focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere so that clients can truly be themselves during shoots. 



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