18/ Swimwear Trends

The Less is A’mor swimwear line takes inspiration from the hottest trends and combine them with hand-made luxury designs to create swimwear that is sexy and on the cutting edge of fashion. This season is all about bold looks, elegant minimalism, and pure sensuality. Here are the hottest 2018 swimwear trends:

1.     Straps: Bondage detailing in the form of straps is a huge current trend. Swimsuits feature multiple straps, buckles, and bold geometric designs. The straps create a gorgeous look without the need for over-the-top detailing or beadwork, and the effect is sleek, simple, and sexy. Also popular are lace-up sides and fronts, which help flatter your silhouette.

2.     Nude shades: Minimalism is a big trend this upcoming season and neutral colours are all the rage. Nudes and other light pinks and pearly shades are a popular feature. Nude-coloured swimsuits are subtle and elegant, with an undeniable femininity. They complement your shape and allow your body and your attitude to do the talking for you.

3.     Lace Up detail: Simple designs and silhouettes are given new life with this latest trend. Lace Up detail offer tantalizing peeks at skin and turn your swimwear into a sexy, eye-catching look. They can also be used to create an optical illusion that emphasizes your waist or draws attention away from parts of your body.

4. Active-wear: A huge trend this past year has been active-wear inspired clothing—and this trend is showing no signs of stopping. These swimsuits mimic active-wear with similar shapes and simple designs, borrowing detailing pieces like tape trims, elastic straps, and graphic logos, to create a look that is pure sporty chic.