Less Is A'mor Muse Kseniya Mezenina

We are excited to start our new blog category "Less is Amor Muse" where we will post interviews with fashion industry people, models who we work with and simply people who inspired us as a brand. 

Our first MUSE is Ksenia Mezenina - model, stylist, blogger and an amazing human being! 

L: What are your origins?

K: I am pure Russian, however, lots of people think i am a mix. I have been mistaken for Brazilian a lot before. And once was asked 'who is Chinese in your family, your mom or your dad?' 

L: How did you start modeling?

K: I was scouted in Russia and was planning on going to Paris on a contract with L'Oreal Professional. However, unexpectedly, we had to move to Canada. So, i just went and met a few agencies in Toronto. 

 L: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

K: I have traveled so much for modeling and every single shoot is very memorable. The most excitng must have been shooting Hollister with Bruce Weber. One of the most unique shoots i have done was underwater in beautiful dresses. However, one of the craziest that comes to mind is when i had to break an old piano with a hammer...

To be honest, i love creative shoots or bookings when there aren't many people on set, you are loving styling and make up and working in a cool location and your shoot is like a dance with a photographer. That's when the images come out the most beautiful.

 L: Do you have a skin care routine? What products would you recommend?

K: I don't do much with my skin. I am definitely genetically blessed and my mom is an aesthetician. However, i have a couple of rules. Never go to bed with make up on. SPF even in the winter. And i swear by Rosehip oil all day every day. If i am at home and don't need to go anywhere, i just keep piling it on my skin. Its miraculous. 

L: How do you stay in shape?

K: Argh, this one is hard. I used to walk a lot when i lived on the East Coast. However, living in LA you always need a car and its hard to find time to work out sometimes. I am trying to have less carbs in the evenings, have good breakfasts and lunch and have a on of fruit/vegetables and juices. My workout is super simple. 15 mins run, squats and abs exercises .

L: Do you have any wardrobe staples? 

K: What i am wearing depends on where i am (city/beach/country/etc). I love a good pair of ripped jeans, unbottoned shirt with a lil sassy Less Is Amor harness showing and kicks or heels (depending on my mood that day). And a leather jacket. Must have!

L: When you're not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do? 

K: I am a blogger (http://www.rosenreckless.com/), stylist and wedding planner! I have my event/wedding planning company established on the East Coast. I love blogging about my crazy adventures with my boyfriend who happens to be a super talented photographer and collaborating with my fav brands which allow me to showcase my unique style. 

Kseniya Mezenina and Samuel Lippke

L: If you weren't a model, what would you want to do? 

K: That's a hard one... I would want to be dolphin...enjoy the deep blue seas and live a careless happy free life I am super happy with who i am and what i do. Modeling has allowed me to travel and understand who i am and learn a ton of useful and not so useful things. Like i said i am also a wedding planner and its something i see myself doing further, its my passion and its something im great at. If i had to choose another profession i would probably become a chef, i love food and cooking!

 L: Best advice you’ve ever received?

K: Cliche, but its something i live by. Stay true to yourself and know where you are going. Nothing lasts forever and its important to live a happy life and all the bumps that you'll experience in your journey are temporary. So, whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

Ksenia in Less Is Amor Pyjama Suit. 

Ksenia in Less Is Amor Pyjama Suit. 

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