Hottest 2018 Lingerie Trends

This season, lingerie is all about the designs that are a look on their own! Bold, sexy, and full of detail, these are pieces that invite you to show them off, not just hide them away. Here are the hottest lingerie trends for 2018.

   Cage Bras: One of the latest crazes in lingerie is cage bras! We’re talking lingerie sets adorned with multiple straps to create bold, geometric looks that immediately stand out. These are pieces that broadcast confidence and sexiness. Decorate your décolletage with a sexy number or take a gorgeous piece to an entirely new place with some torso strapping. These deliciously wicked pieces can be easily concealed under your clothes. Better yet, wear them with a tank top or cut-out shirt to show off what you’re rocking beneath your outfit.

    Harnesses: Speaking of straps…Another hot look this season are harnesses! Gorgeous pieces that combine straps, chains, and buckles, harnesses add an extra layer of pure sex to your look. Wear one over your outfit to spice it up with an element of the risqué or underneath as a sensual surprise for that special someone. Whether minimalist or with multiple straps and
buckles, bust-only or full-torso, harnesses can add zing to your every look.

   Bralettes: For those of you who hate underwire, you’re in luck! The bralette is a trend that is growing in popularity. Bralettes strip away underwire and extra padding, leaving only a soft, comfortable bra that still exudes sensuality. They come in a variety of styles and materials that can match whichever aesthetic you’re feeling. Go for a crop-top number, or some elegant lace, or a saucy strappy piece. Bralettes encourage you to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time—it’s basically a win-win!

    Lace: If delicate, ultra-feminine looks are your thing, then this trend is perfect for you. Nothing takes a gorgeous piece of lingerie up to a completely new level of sensuality like a bit of lace, and 2018 is all about lace. Some pieces use lace detailing or edging to add the perfect amount of luxe daintiness. Or they combine sheer material with lovely lacy patterns to create a lingerie set that is pure elegance. Scalloped edges can add a dash of creativity and bring some old-school glamour to your look. Embrace your ladylike side and go lace-crazy!