The Best Lingerie for Your Shape.

At Less is A'mor, we believe that looking good comes in all shapes and sizes. And when it comes to lingerie, there are so many ways to look good. No longer is it about just throwing on whatever fits and rolling with it. Now's the time to explore, to try on different things, and to help yourself look good in your lingerie! With so many options out there, it's easy to get lost. Here's our guide for what type of lingerie to go for, based on your body type.

 Pear shaped: You have a smaller top, with narrow shoulders, while your lower body is fuller. The best type of lingerie for this body type is something that can balance everything out. For your bottom half, a low-rise panty with high-cut leg openings would best flatter your fuller hips and help make your proportions look more balanced. Try a padded bra on top for best effect!

 Apple shaped: You have broad shoulders, a wide torso, and narrower hips and legs, creating an apple shape. The ideal here is to flatter your bust and draw attention away from your middle. Try low-cut bras with plenty of support to emphasize your cleavage! For the bottom half, go for a high-waisted panty to smooth out your middle and define your waist. A v-cut bodysuit or a babydoll is also a great choice.

 Hourglass shaped: Having this body type means that your bust and hips are around the same width, and you have a narrower waist, producing an hourglass shape. Flatter your shape by going for a lingerie set that emphasizes your small waist! Try lingerie with a garter belt or strap around the middle, and go for a bra with plenty of support to show off your cleavage.

 Banana shaped: If you have this body type, there’s not much differentiation in width from your bust, your waist, and your hips. For this shape, try wearing a longline bra. These are bras that have material that ends several inches below your bust. This will help define your waist and fill out your shape—no need for a padded bra! For panties, try a low-cut pair with high-rise sides or a pair with ruffles to add shape to your hips.