A Woman's Smell.

There is so much that goes into looking beautiful. A carefully selected outfit, flawless hair, perfectly coordinated purse and accessories, expertly applied makeup. Yet one thing that people overlook is what seems to be the tiniest thing: perfume.


A woman’s smell is a uniquely feminine thing. The right perfume is the finishing touch to an outfit, a subtle yet important detail that can effortlessly complement your look and leave a lasting trace behind wherever you go. 


Here are some new perfumes definitely worth checking out:

Black Phantom is a new unisex perfume released in 2017 by By Killian. Developed by Sidonie Lancesseur, it draws inspiration from pirates and life at sea. It contains hints of coffee, rum, sugarcane, sandalwood, and dark chocolate, coming together to form a sweetly sensual fragrance.

Star Magnolia by Jo Malone is a lovely, light floral scent. It contains notes of magnolia, lemon, shiso, ginger, and orange blossom, and comes in a bottle that is as elegantly feminine as the fragrance it contains.

Midnight Special, released by Ex Nihilo and created by Olivier Pescheux, is described by Ex Nihilo as “an Oriental fragrance with a Parisian edge”. Hints of cinnamon, saffron, black pepper, grapefruit, rose, patchouli, and vanilla come together to create an intoxicating spicy fragrance.

Oud Minerale is a new unisex fragrance by Tom Ford. It contains an unusual and refreshing mixture of both woody and marine elements: sea salt, seaweed, fir balsam, and pink peppercorn, creating a fragrance that smells like a day at sea and that definitely makes a statement.   


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